Little Catering

We can provide real food catering options to your next staff or client meeting, workshops, home BBQ and even picnics.  

Picnic Boxes are made up of a selection of the following:

Parmesan and Rosemary Fougasse

Hummus and fresh vegetable jars

Gourmet Cheeses

Cured meat

Little sweets

Chicken liver pate

Mushroom thyme and drambuie pate

Turkish Chicken drumsticks

Candy apples

Ham hock rillettes with caper butter

Green pea, avocado and mint smash

Chicken, walnut and celery clubs

Roasted nuts

Chipotle, sesame and currant cheese ball

Please email us for pricing options

Shared buffet catering:

1 Protein 2 side $19.95

2 Protein 2 side  $24.95

2 Protein 3 side $29.95

3 Protein 2 side $34.95

Extra salad $50 small $80 large

Protein options

Kansas City BBQ Pulled Beef

Sweet carolina Mustard Pulled Pork

Slow Braised sticky pork belly

Maple and Sherry Vinegar Glazed Smoked Ham

Vegan Memphis Pulled Jackfruit

Spicy Tofu Bulgogi


Sticky Vegan Kimchi Rice

Potato, egg and celery gf, df, nsf

Poached egg, celery and waxy potatoes with a dill and shallot mayonnaise

Fava bean, asparagus and green pea salad gf, df, nsf (Summer only)

New season asparagus, fava beans, green peas, shallots, spinach and burg with soft poached eggs, garlic and parsley pesto and our home made vegan "Parmesan" cheese

Smoked chipotle Slaw gf, df

Green Cabbage, Broccoli, shallots, coriander, edamame beans and celery with smoked chipotle mayonnaise

Beetroot, carrot and quinoa super salad gf, df

Sour beetroot, carrots, red onions, quinoa pine nut salad

Summer Succotash gf df

Grilled green onions and corn, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, edamame beans and spinach with a jalapeno mayo

Lunch boxes great for meetings, taking out of the office, workshops and picnics


One of our Gourmet Fougasse Sandwiches
One of our little Compound Salads
Fresh Seasonal Fruit and a little sweet
One of our Gourmet Fougasse Sandwiches
One of our little Compound Salads

Hummus with fresh vegetables (hummus flavour changes)
Fresh Seasonal Fruit and a little sweets

*Please note Gluten and Dairy Free meals are available for $2 extra per meal