About us

As a busy Mum and full time preschool teacher, I was finding it incredibly hard to find ways of making sure I was having lunches that were nutritious and delicious. Being a mum, I have always spent so much time making sure my children’s lunch boxes were full of nutritious food, especially as my eldest has so many food intolerance's.  When it came to my own lunch, quite often I would end up taking a cheese toasty if there were no leftovers from the night before. This was never very satisfying and barely filled me up, leaving me to snack on rubbish later. After stumbling on the idea of lunch being delivered direct to your workplace all I could think of was why I wasn’t able to have this in Hamilton! I approached Lorna, chef extraordinaire, to get her thoughts on it. She was having the same problems with her family lunches, so The Little Lunch Company was born!
Having been a career chef in busy restaurants for the past 17 years, it felt time to change the pace a bit and start to work my own hours around my son who is about to turn 5 and start school! My partner Mike and I were finding it hard, like most others, juggling careers, a kid, house work, chores and social commitments. There was hardly any time to think about what we were going to eat for lunch that day, Mace had food provided for him via day care but most days Mike would be buying lunch at the local bakery of whatever area of town he was working at (he’s in civil construction) and I would end up picking at the food I was prepping at work. Not the healthy life style we knew we should be living! So when Krystal and I got to talking about the daily struggles of modern living, we knew The little lunch company would be the solution people like us would be looking for.