About us

Where Did The Little Lunch Company Come from?


I have been a chef in busy restaurants for the past 18 years. Running multiple site restaurants as an executive chef for 5 of these.

This may come as a shock but the restaurant business is not kid friendly 😑 nor is it very healthy, diet wise. Lots of rich, fried, carb loaded, high sugar and not so good for you food on offer.  Chefs rarely get a chance to sit down to eat a meal, opting to snack on whatever left overs there are on offer.  Suffice to say my health was paying for it, always tired, hungry and unwell.  


Something had to give - It was time to change the pace and look after myself for my family but what should I do?

  I created my own business, one that works around my son, one that delivers affordable and healthy meals to busy people (god I would have loved to have Little Lunches delivered to me in the kitchens) to their homes or work places.

 The Little Lunch Company was born!

 My focus is to create beautiful meals for everyone.  With less sugar, better carbs and more thought about what goes in them. 

I hope you enjoy My Little Lunch Company as much as I do.


Lorna x