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The Little Lunch Company

Graze Tables and platters

Graze Tables and platters

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Our bespoke grazing tables and platters are individually designed to fit your needs.  

Blush small platter is $110 (3-7)people)

Glow medium platter is $205 (8-15 people)

Abundant platter $320 (15-30 people)

We charge per head for our tables so you get a better idea about price and ensure there is enough food for your function.  Grazing tables and platters are meant to be grazed at throughout the night to keep bellies satisfied and ideally accompanied with a light meal. 

Bountiful Set Graze Table 60cm x 120cm space, price starts at $750 (30-50 people)

10 - 20 people is $19.95 per person 

20-30 people $17.95 per person 

31+ people is $15.95 per person 

*please note a $50 set up fee will be added for tables and $20 minimum delivery fee for outside our lunch delivery times and $1.5 per km for deliveries out of our delivery area (there and back).  Please give us at least 2 days notice on our platters and 7 days on our tables. 

Our graze's are made up with a selection of the following local or homemade components:

Dips and spreads
cured meats
relishes and pickles
breads and crackers
fruits and vege
Little sweets 
dried fruits

For any enquiries and orders please contact us via messenger or email 

 Sample Menu Items 

Skagen with Seed Crackers

Smoked Salmon + Sweet mustard

Apricot + Jalapeno Queso with Sesame Bread

Blue Cheese Pate with Quince and Walnuts with Ginger Bread

Maple Ginger Hummus

Caper, Tomato + Olive Salsa

Prosciutto Crudo

Truffled Shrooms + Mascarpone 

Chianti Salami

Felino Salami

Jaffa Brownie

Tahitian Lime + Coconut Cake

Triple Cream Brie with Balsamic Blueberry Caramel

Sweetcorn + Bean dip (heat)

Caramel Oat Cookies

Chocolate Brownie

Freshly Baked bread

Seed Crackers


Peanut Rocky Road


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