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Customized menu catering for your staff lunches

We partner with forward thinking companies to provide their employees with fresh and energizing lunches. 

Our service leads to a happier, healthier and more efficient team.


Here's how we help you.


Our food will help improve the health of your team

The Little Lunch meals are made fresh daily using natural, wholefoods designed with balance and flavour in mind.  It's no secret that eating right improves your health and lifestyle which leads to less sick days and better work quality.


Boost energy levels

Beat the 3pm slump. Our fresh, delicious, made from scratch lunches are nutrient rich which gives your employees focus and stamina to fulfil their workloads with ease.  Ditch the pizzas and pies! 


Save time

We bring lunch to you.  No wasted time deciding and chatting about where to go, who is going to get it, travelling to the location and then waiting half their lunch break for food that isn't necessarily good for them.  We give that time back to your employees, who then return to work unflustered and energized.


Improve employee relations

Friendships are formed enjoying good food together.  Our delivery service enables your staff to enjoy their lunch times together, helping develop the team bond needed for a happy work environment which in turn leads to better staff retention.


Become attractive to top talent

Be a leader in your industry by showing prospective employees that you value and invest in your people with incentives such as The Little Lunch Company with-in your work site. 


How it works

You have decided to bring Little Lunch in as a lunch option (Great Choice!) so now we can leave it at that or you can choose to contribute a subsidy for your employees meals (it could be as little as .50c per meal or the whole cost)  We will then create a proposal for you estimating your total cost considering your industry, contribution level and lunch order frequency.  We then give you a personalised code for employees to use at check out. 
They then sign up to our website to choose their meals for the week and bam! Lunches start rolling into your staff fridge.  

Happy Team, Happy Customers, Happy Boss :) 


We cater for different dietary needs and offer a range of options that change frequently to keep your whole team happy. 


Named lunches will arrive before noon and be put away in your staff fridge or a predetermined place to create as less disruption to your employees day as possible. 


We are super aware of our environmental footprint. We use compostable packaging to ensure we are doing our part to keep New Zealand clean and green.  Be a part of this movement with us

Chat to us about customizing a package that works best for you and your team.

Lorna x 

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