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The Little Lunch Company



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Our Lunchboxes are FILLED with goodies and individually packed. Perfect for meetings, staff lunches, workshops, team building, team trips, bus tours, fishing trips

Small comes with a Bowl or Bread Item, 1 Savoury Item, Fruit and 1 Sweet Item  (Chefs choice)

Large Comes with a bowl or bread item, 2 savoury, Fruit and 1 Large sweet item

(Chef or your choice, all boxes are the same) 

let us know your dietary requirements in the notes section.  

Minimum order 5


Za'atar chicken GF DF *VG                                                                                             

Za'atar Chicken, Lemon Potato, Date, Chickpes Pine nut, Cucumber + Tomato Fattoush

Tunisian Harrissa Chicken GF DF *VG                                                                     

Spicy Harissa Chicken, Kumara, Red Onions, Lentils, Carrots, Almonds, Sesame Seeds

Cheeseburger GF *V                                                                                                       

Beef Brisket, Quinoa, Cos, Burger Sauce, Mustard, Gherkins, Pickled Onions, Parmesan

Aglio Olio  *V GF DF VG                                                                                       

Chicken, Orzo, Green Peas, Parsley Oil, Parmesan, Shallots, Spinach

Pork Shogayaki GF DF                                                                                                     

Ginger Pork, Spring Onions, cabbage Asian greens, Sour carrots, Sticky Rice, Wasabi kelp Salt and Pickled Ginger Mayo


Smoked Cheese, Free Range Chicken and Jalapeno                                             

Chicken, Jalapeno Cheese Sauce, Spinach and Gherkins

Bacon, Blue Cheese, Maple, Walnut and Apple                                                   

Bacon, Blue Cheese Mayo, Toasted Walnut, Maple caramel, Apple

Pulled Chicken + Peach DF                                                                                               

Curry Chicken, Peach, Peanuts, Coriander, Slaw

Carrot + Horseradish V                                                                                                     

Smoked Carrots, Horseradish, Dill + Caper Cream, Radish, Pickled Onions

Pork Shogayaki DF                                                                                                 

Ginger Pork, Spring Onions, Cabbage, Sour carrots, Wasabi Kelp Salt and Pickled Ginger Mayo

For large orders, please email us directly 

* Delivered Refrigerated 

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